This page is designed to enable us to assist you in designing the best possible irrigation system to suit the shape of your land, your crop moisture requirements, labour utilised versus capital expenditure. Please fill in the information sheet as complete as possible, if you require such assistance.



Farm or Estate:


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  Crop 1:


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Soil Type:

Do you irrigate presently:

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If yes, please indicate what system:
Approximately what area:


To establish the shape of the area to be irrigated,  please use the graph below and
indicate with the letters (anti- clockwise)  the appropriate measurements of your land. 




 Eg: If the shape of your land is an L-shape, you could use the following letters:
A-U=200m, U-Y=200m, Y-O=100m, O-M=100m, M-C=100m, C-A=100m
Please indicate your appropriate water source: Borehole   River   Dam
Distance of water source to land: m
and indicate with letter (eg. U, W or Y) point of entry:

Height of land above water source:

If your source is a borehole: Hole mm
Capacity: units
Depth: m

Water level:


Existing bore hole pump details:

Power source available: Electricity:380V
  Diesel engin existing specify:kW @ rpm
Please specify any other existing equipment you wish to incorporate in above eg. mainline pipes,  etc:
Information concerning climate, crops, soil, labour intensity
Climate: J F M A M J J A S O N D
Average rainfall spread over:
Average maximum C: 
Average evaporation mm/day:

Crop root depth: Crop 1:

  Crop 2: mm
  Natural soil depth: mm

Please indicate soil type:
Heavy loam, Loam, Loam/sandy or sandy

Labour availability: labour input can vary from 1 labourer per 30ha to 4-6 labourers per 10ha, 2-3 hours/day. The more labour intensive the system, the lower the capital outlay becomes and visa versa.
  Approximate labour requirement per ha:  
  Lay @ Flex: valve control only
  Hop @Long: 1 labourer for 30ha
  Drag @ Line: 1 labourer for 15ha
  Move @Line: 3 labourers for 20ha
Which 2 systems would suit your labour/capital investment situation:
Note: not all information may be known to you and a system can still be designed for your perusal. Most systems allow for standing time, total application and irrigation cycle changes without involving equipment change.