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The House of Irrigation, in conjunction with German sprinkler pioneer Perrot, complements the development of new golf courses and the upgrading of existing courses with long-lasting, ecologically beneficial irrigation techniques that assist in achieving optimum playing conditions.

Perrot pop-up sprinkler systems have been successfully installed on over 300 golf courses worldwide.

For the player, the golf course is a place to forget the hustle and bustle of daily life for a few hours in well cared for, relaxing surroundings. For the manager, it is a business which should require the minimum of labour and time – and at the same time ensure high profitability and a good return on investment. The House of Irrigation, in conjunction with Perrot, has something to offer for both, delivering rain on request to achieve the perfect course no matter the location.

Sprinkler range

The versatile Perrot pop-up range has the right sprinkler for any irrigation requirement, offering a tailor made technical and economical solution in any application.


The Perrot LVZA impact lever pop-up is designed with a 22° trajectory angle and adjustable spraying circle.


The Perrot LVZR impact lever pop-up enables one or two row irrigation. It has a 22° trajectory angle and comes optional with a head valve and decoder.


The Perrot LVZE impact lever pop-up is the only one on the market which permits the simultaneous irrigation of both green and apron, with different precipitation densities at a rate of 4:1 to 8:1.

Sprinklers are installed flush with the ground and are connected to an underground pipeline. They distribute water exactly where irrigation is required.

Computer control system

The use of automatic irrigation control systems is standard on modern golf courses, with electronic equipment regulating the output of water required.

With its third generation PC supported control system, GREENKEEPER, Perrot introduces the future of the decoder system. Irrigation programmes are generated on a PC and transferred to the VCU with the push of a button. Electrical impulses are then sent to up to 250 decoders which activate the solenoid valves and sprinklers. The main advantage of this system is that only a single two-cord cable needs to be installed. This cable is connected to each of the decoders, thus there is no need for a separate cable from each decoder to the control system.

The GREENKEEPER is the first irrigation programme on the market which offers a graphical representation of all playing lanes in real time. This gives the operator an actual overview of all runs and valves with a status indication (‘active’/’not active’) and the capacity to enter programmes to effect changes. GREENKEEPER for the first time offers operators radio control via a cellphone which communicates with the PC, giving unlimited access and flexibility.

The House of Irrigation, in conjunction with Perrot, offers a full design and installation service for golf course irrigation.
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